Mission Statement

First Things First – Okanagan

An Okanagan Environmental Action Group

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

  First Things First was formed by South Okanagan environmentalists who have serious concerns about the increasing threat of global climate change to our environment. We seek to educate ourselves and others about the impact of climate change. We advocate for actions which can mitigate and reverse the negative impacts of Canada’s present energy policies.

What does First Things First believe?

We believe that catastrophic climate change can be avoided.  We believe that sustainable economies can be both carbon neutral and provide the necessities for their citizens.  We believe that our current fossil fuel consumption and other CO2-producing activities are threatening the health and happiness of generations to come. We are specifically concerned about:

  • The poorly regulated and rapidly expanding Tar Sands development
  • The serious environmental risks of the Northern Gateway Pipeline
  • The proposed development by fracking of natural gas in our province.

What are First Things First’s objectives?

Above all, that Canada protects the environment while allowing sustainable development of its natural resources.

  • That Canada endorse the unanimous view of the scientific community that global climate change is a reality that demands immediate, vigorous and prolonged action.
  • At a minimum that Canada enact policies and take immediate action to meet its current CO2 reduction targets set at Copenhagen in 2009.
  • That Canada makes a firm commitment to transition from an economy driven by CO2-producing fossil fuels to one that is supported by alternative energy sources.
  • To encourage individuals to take action on climate change.

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