Solar Fair 2016 Video Highlights

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First Things First Okanagan hosted a Solar Fair/Symposium Saturday March 12, 2016. Talks in the Okanagan College Lecture Theatre were videotaped. Links to the talks are as follows:

SOLAR FAIR Community Solar (Carmen Proctor)

SOLAR FAIR Eco Sage (Tabitha Eneas + Phil Hawkes)

SOLAR FAIR Keynote Address (Josha MacNab)

SOLAR FAIR Energy Management (Jay Lewis)

SOLAR FAIR Green Economy (George Heyman)

SOLAR FAIR Experts Panel


Canada’s First Solar Thermal Plant

Something that may surprise you. Canada’s first Solar Thermal Plant is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, “Canada’s Sunniest City”. It’s a pretty cool sight to see — row after row of large concave metal mirrors glowing in the early morning sun on the hill just above the Trans-Canada Highway and Medicine Hat’s existing natural gas power plant. concentrated solar thermal plant


To compliment the solar power station, in the summer of 2014 Medicine Hat built the Box Springs Wind Farm, which can generate enough electricity to power 2,000 homes. They state that the cost of power generated is a mere 9cents per Kwh.

Box Springs wind farm


Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston, “… And you know what, you can debate it all day long. It’s the right thing to do.”

What Can The Okanagan Learn From Germany?

In the ongoing conversation between the carbon cheerleaders and environmentalists, the environmentalists stand accused of sabotaging jobs and the economy. Has anyone ever considered a middle road for Canada, improving our carbon emission standards while continuing to mine oil and gas; and at the same time investing in renewable energy sources?

In his article, “Five Lessons for Canada from Germany’s Clean Energy Revolution,” Geoff Dembicki presents a powerful economic argument for investment in renewables. “The industry has created 370,000 jobs. Environmental sectors contribute over eight per cent of the country’s GDP. And carbon emissions are down 23 per cent from 1990 levels.” Read more in the Tyee.